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    Maintaining Your Health and Dignity

    Sharan is one of Israel’s most professional, long standing and leading companies in the field of home medical care for complex, chronic and oncological patients.

      Sharan – We Are Here for You

      Sharan has many years of experience in palliative supportive home care for complex patients, which allows us to provide round the clock care and support, for as long as required / every step of the way.

      Our professional team puts patients and their families first, at the heart of medical care, providing all necessary help and support to facilitate their needs.

      • Professional, dependable and reliable management system.
      • Experienced and professional physicians and nursing staff with expertise in nursing and palliative care.
      • Extensive experience in the treatment of chronic and complex medical conditions.
      • Computerized and secure medical files for each patient, and reports sent to the HMO on a regular basis.
      • Option for a video chat with a doctor at any time.

      The company’s vision is based on improving quality of life, preventing suffering, and ending life with dignity, with patients surrounded by family members who love and support them.

      Reasons to Choose Sharan.

      Professional Medical Staff

      dedicated doctors, nurses, social workers – all specializing in medical care and driven by a sense of mission.

      Full Geographical Coverage

      no matter where you live, Sharan provides house calls.

      24/7 availability

      Sharan operates staffed centers around the clock to answer any treatment related questions.

      Personal Support and Accompaniment

      our staff members bring with them not only many years of experience and vast knowledge, but also the personal touch, individual attention and care – all to provide patients with quality home care.

      Many Years of Experience

      the thousands of patients and families we have attended over the years, make Sharan the most experienced and leading company in the country in the field of home medical care.

      Advanced Technology

      advanced technological developments and innovative medical equipment.

      Our Clients Share Personal Stories

      Beyond our professional path, the groundbreaking technological developments, the vast experience, and achievements in the field of home medicine, Sharan is most proud of the support and appreciation that comes to us from the thousands of families we have accompanied over many years of activity. Medical knowledge, laboratory tests, treatment of diseases – all of these are important and helpful, but the emotional involvement is the main factor our patients truly appreciate.

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      Sharan - You can feel at home

      Sharan homecare medicine was founded in 2004. Our vision and professionalism alongside the extensive experience we have accumulated over the years make us Israel’s most prominent and leading company in the field of online and home medicine services.

      Our vision is to place you – the patient and family members – at the heart of medical care, and to provide you with personal, compassionate, supportive, and available medicine out of a complete belief that “during a complex illness there is no place like home”.

      This is especially true during a complex illness or end of life care. Sharan developed a non-hospitalized supportive palliative care service with proven success spanning many years.

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